Stanmore IP was founded in January 2015 to help meet the needs of clients from all sectors and of all shapes and sizes.

Run by Clare, a UK-qualified trade mark attorney, we offer a wide range of advice and assistance in choosing, protecting, exploiting and maintaining your trade marks. We can help with UK and EU trade marks directly, and any other country worldwide via our network of trusted advisors.

Trade marks take lots of forms, and can be anything from a name, a logo, a shape and even a sound or a smell. The important thing is that it belongs to you, and identifies your business and no one else’s. It gives your customers a guarantee of what they can expect from you, your quality of service etc. Protecting it, and defending any misuse by others, helps to make sure that your customers aren’t confused into using another business, mistakenly believing it to be affiliated with you.

Stanmore IP is regulated by IPReg (the Intellectual Property Regulation Board) www.ipreg.org.uk