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Domain names and your brand

Do you own your domain name? If the answer is yes, think a bit harder. Do you own all of your domain names?

Most start-ups and small businesses have a website. But 9 times out of 10* they only own one domain name. And usually it’s the .com or the ending.

Part of owning your brand comes from protecting as much as possible. It saves you having to argue with someone else over who should rightfully own things. My advice would be to look at see how many domain names you could/should own that contain your brand name. They are relatively cheap to own, you can point them all to the same website, or leave them dormant, but owning them is the important bit.

This past year has seen a whole host of new domain name endings launched and some still to be launched. Lots of them are relevant to SMEs, many are industry-specific or location specific. For example:






the list goes on.

Why not spend a few minutes reviewing what domain name endings there are available and consider purchasing the ones that are relevant to you.

On top of that, make sure they are all registered in the correct name. Make sure that you/your business own them and that your contact details are correct and up to date. If your web designer registered the domain name for you as part of their service, make sure it’s not in their name. Also make sure you know the passwords for your hosting accounts. Essentially make sure that you have full control over your business assets.

If you’d like any help with your brand protection strategy, or a review of your brand protection, please get in touch.


*Not a real statistic

Picture from Pixabay, with thanks.