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Clare Mullarkey – Director, UK & EU trade mark attorney. 

Email: clare@stanmoreip.com

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Clare MullarkeyI am a UK-qualified trade mark attorney. After studying law at Leicester University, I took my first job as a trainee trade mark attorney with the global consumer goods company, Unilever. Since then I have worked in both Nottingham and London as a trade mark attorney. My last employment was for seven years at a large multi-national law firm as a senior trade mark attorney. And now, here I am running Stanmore IP.

Throughout my career I have worked with household brand names, SMEs and individuals. I’ve worked with clients in a huge range of sectors, from bloggers and lifestyle stores; financial institutions and hotel chains; interior designers and online gaming companies; the fashion industry, and food and drink. Whoever I’m working with, I have a real passion for getting to know the business and crafting creative solutions for all budgets. 

I absolutely love brands. I have a real enthusiasm for the way a brand can engage their consumers and create a genuine relationship. Whether that’s returning to the same sandwich shop for your lunch each day, buying a certain brand of shampoo because you know what to expect from it, or being disappointed by the fact that your favourite chocolate bar just doesn’t taste quite the same when you’re in a foreign country, we are all influenced by brands and the trade marks that combine to create them.

Outside of work, I spend most of my free time running around after my two small children.  I’m a sucker for a good cup of coffee and when I get the chance I like nothing more than losing myself in a good book (preferably with the good coffee alongside me!). I’m also partial to a box set binge session, and if I haven’t completely crumpled with exhaustion at the end of the day, a night out to live music or comedy is ideal.