Trade Mark Services

Choosing your trade mark

Before you choose a new name/product name/logo I can help with advice on selecting an appropriate one. Helping to narrow down a long list for example, or doing a trade mark search to check for risks and possible infringement issues. I can work with you, or your brand creation team to select a brand that is right for you and free to use.

Protecting your trade mark

In the UK, and using a legal system that covers the member states of the EU, I can file trade mark applications on your behalf. I also have a brilliant network of contacts throughout the world and can help you to protect your brand in any other country of the world.

If you would prefer to do the application yourself, I can put together the “blueprint” for you to do it directly.

Maintaining your trade mark

Once a trade mark is registered, it has an expiry date. It can be renewed, usually for 10 years in most countries, and I can take care of the renewal for you. I can also handle general upkeep of the trade mark, updating changes of name and address and transfer of ownership. All of which are important to maintain.

Defending your trade mark

If others are using a similar trade mark to you, or if someone else tries to register a trade mark that is similar to your earlier rights, I will help you to defend it. This might be official oppositions, or contacting the other side for you, or even just writing the email for you to send yourself. Whatever you need.

Taking your trade mark overseas

If your business is growing and you’re looking at taking it overseas (either physically, or by way of international shipping) your trade mark rights need to come with you. I can help you with that. I’ll work with you to decide a good strategy and then handle it all for you.