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How to use ™ and ® to identify your trade mark for others


If you’ve heard me go on (and on!) about using ™ and ® to show your trade mark but you can’t work out how to actually do that and end up writing “TM” and “R-in-circle” here’s how:

On an iPhone, they can be found hidden deep in the emoji keyboard (shown in the picture).

On a laptop/computer with a keyboard, the keyboard shortcut is CTRL+ALT+T for ™ and CTRL+ALT+R for ®

So please use them. They’re a great deterrent, and make you look more professional when used correctly.

Remember, you can only use ® if your trade mark is registered. Otherwise, use the ™.

Twitter and Instagram both allow you to use ® and ™ in your Profile Name (not in the actual @handle).

Facebook won’t let you use ® or ™ in the Page Name for some unclear reason. Their guidance on Page Names is here https://www.facebook.com/help/519912414718764/?ref=u2u

Hope you’ve found that useful. Get in touch if I can help you protect your trade mark or if you have any questions.